Light Private Jets

Popular models include: the Cessna Citations II/Bravo/Encore/V, Learjet Series 31/35, and Hawker 400XP

As the basic entry-level private jet in the charter industry, light private jets are the most economical choice for short to mid-range trips. Light private jets can travel faster and further than non-jet aircraft, getting you to your destination quicker, with average cruising speeds of 440 mph and an average nonstop range of about 1,500 miles. In addition Light private jets are still compact enough to operate out of private airports not accessible by many major airlines. For added comfort, performance and safety most light private jet aircraft have pressurized passenger cabins and often have a semi-private lavatory.

  • Up to 8 passengers
  • 400-560 mph
  • Nonstop 1,500 miles

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