Super-Midsize Private Jet Aircraft

Popular models include: Gulfstream G200, Challenger 300, Falcon 50, Citation X and Sovereign

Super midsize private jets offer a wide variety of route options and amenities to the private jet seeker. Comparable to large or heavy jets, these private jets are outfitted with a number of luxurious amenities for passenger comfort and convenience. Typically seating around 8-10 passengers, super midsize jets enjoy a longer range than most midsize private aircraft, and are powered by two jet engines. With average cruising speeds exceeding 500mph, these private aircraft are fast, efficient and normally quieter than smaller comparable corporate jets. These private aircraft have plenty of room for external baggage, oversized items and more and most if not all have fully enclosed lavatories for convenience and privacy.

  • Up to 10 passengers
  • 490-590 mph
  • Nonstop 3,400-3,600 miles

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